Don’t Let Asthma and Allergies Ruin Your Halloween Fun

Halloween can be downright scary for those with allergies and asthma bit it does not have to be! Here are some ideas for making your Halloween an allergy safe one:

Costumes and masks can trigger allergy and asthma flare-ups. Some masks contain latex and nickel and other allergens. Carefully read the label to know if the mask you’re wearing is safe.

Wash all costumes and masks before wearing to remove dust and dust mites , especially if your costumes are stored in the basement or attic of your home.

Some makeup can cause rashes on sensitive skin. Check for allergens in your makeup or better yet buy from my friends at Red Apple Lipstick where all makeup is vegan , gluten free, paraben free and free of many other allergens and harsh chemicals. Click HERE (affiliate link)

Don’t jump in the leaf pile. Asthma triggers are high during this time of year and piles of leaves and hay bales can have mold spores and pollen in them which can flare up asthma and allergies.

Cigarette smoke and pet dander are big for causing asthma and allergy flare ups. Avoid homes where these are present. And despite what others may say, there are no hypoallergenic cats and dogs.

Scented candles , essential oils and room fresheners are huge asthma triggers . Buy battery operated candles for the warm light effect without the allergens.

Fog machines can produce scary effects and make breathing difficult even when you don’t have asthma so avoid these machines

Fall brings on chilly air which can make asthma worse. It’s wise to always carry a scarf to wrap around your nose and mouth so the air you breath in isn’t as cold.

With a little bit of extra planning and attention to detail you can have an enjoyable Fall and Halloween

What tips do you have for keeping asthma and allergies in check during the Fall season? Share in our comments section.

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