Cinnamon Snowballs are a favorite from our friends at Healthy Gluten Free Family.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are an elegant treat!

Easiest Cookie Ever -These are the easiest healthiest cookie ever. It’s truly a make it your way type of cookie.

Nana’s Pizzelle – I’ve modified my grandmother’s recipe for the traditional Italian cookie so that it’s dairy and gluten free.

Rice Crispy Treats – Always a pleaser!

Marvelous Pecan Pie This pie is easy to make and can be frozen and kept in your freezer and used later for a dinner, party or when company is coming over — or when you have a craving for Pecan Pie!

Pistachio Dessert -Relive a childhood favorite!

Sesame Seed Cookies My father’s favorite cookie which I’ve modified to be dairy and gluten free.

Walnut Acorn Cookie – Another favorite from Healthy Gluten Free Family. The cookie itself is not too sweet, has a slight nutty flavor and a texture somewhere between chewy and crunchy.

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