3 Bean Pasta Salad – Great for summer picnics! Click HERE for recipe

Avocado Corn Tomato Salad is a super easy salad to make and perfect on hot summer days. Click HERE for recipe

Berry Good Salad – This salad has Summer written all over it!! It’s the perfect salad to serve when berries are fresh and in season. Use it as a side dish or a meal- either way it makes a beautiful, colorful presentation and is healthy too! Click HERE for recipe.

The Canterbury Salad is versatile enough to eat anytime of the year for a quick dinner or to serve at a picnic, brunch, or dinner party.  Click HERE for recipe

Curried Quinoa Salad — Full of protein and goodness. Click HERE for recipe.

Easiest Black Bean Salad – You’ll flip when you see how easy this salad is to make! It goes great as a stand-alone salad, with tacos, or as a side.  Click HERE for recipe

Hold the Mayo Potato Salad is a healthy twist on the traditional mayo based one. Click HERE for recipe

Make It Your Way Nicoise Salad – Salad made your way! Click HERE for recipe.

Quick and Easy Bean Salad – easy to make and rich in protein. Click HERE for recipe

Slaw So Simple – Maybe the easiest salad ever! Click HERE for recipe

Spiralized Carrot Salad – This is a really quick salad or side dish to make. It can be easily doubled or tripled to serve large crowds or parties and it can be served hot, cold, or room temp!  Click HERE for recipe

Sweet Potato Salad – This is a great twist on the classic white potato, mayonnaise based salad. My salad is a healthier version made with sweet potatoes and no mayo! It’s easy to make and the recipe can be doubled or tripled to serve a crowd. A great Summer salad and so colorful, too, on your Fall dinner table.  Click HERE for recipe

Wild Rice and Orzo Salad – Always a crowd pleaser! Click HERE for recipe

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