Fun Vegan Cafe in Charleston !

Review: Dell’z Uptown

By DairyFreeGina

511 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

Note: I was not paid for this review. All menu items were purchased by DairyFreeGina. Opinions are my own

Dell’z is a Vegetarian Vegan restaurant in Charleston,South Carolina. It has a hipster, good vibes feel and it’s menu is extensive including smoothies, wraps , salads , pizzas. Many items are gluten free.

On a recent visit to Dell’z my husband and I tried several different menu items recommended to us by staffer Elizabeth who was helpful and seemed to understand my food allergy needs. Dean ordered the Jazzy Pizza which is not vegan since it includes cheese. It’s topped with brown rice, black beans,, mixed bell peppers all on a corn tortilla crust. Really it’s a huge nacho style pizza. He found it to be very tasty but too big for one person to eat.

I ordered two items recommended by Liz, the Hummer Salad (which can also be made into a Wrap) and a Vegan Jazzy Pizza. The Hummer salad comes with house-made black beans hummus, field greens, tomatoes, mango salsa, sprouts, matchstick carrots, cucumbers and with goddess dressing that I had put on the side. Again this is a huge portion and really too much for one person to eat. The black bean hummus had a bit too much vinegar and salt for my liking.

The Vegan Jazzy Pizza is made on a vegan pita bread (also gluuten free) instead of the corn tortilla. Dell’z uses Daiya cheese which I opted not to have put on my pizza. It included everything that the regular Jazzy Pizza has on it and is quite substantial in size. For me though this really was not a pizza. Pizza is one thing I crave and that I rarely can get in restaurants. This pizza was more like loaded nachos. When I think of pizza I think of a traditional pizza crust with minimal toppings. Putting rice and beans on a pizza just doesn’t do it for me. I would have to say that this vegan pizza tasted good but it was not what I was expecting and truly turned out to be more of a Mexican nacho dish than anything else.

Overall Dell’z is a fun, hip place to be in Charleston. The menu is extensive and the staff seemed to understand food allergies and vegan eating. The portions are extremely large and really too much for one person to eat so plan on bringing home part of your meal. It was nice to have this vegan option in the heart of the South .

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