Unique Cafe Great for People Watching but not Eating Food Allergy Safe

Note: I was not paid for this review. All menu items were purchased by DairyFreeGina. Opinions are my own.

Sweet Ness 7 is a unique cafe in an up and coming , revitalized neighborhood in Buffalo, NY. A brick Victorian building was restored to house this cafe in a neighborhood now home to immigrants, artists, and scholars. It’s definitely great for its unique atmosphere and people watching.

The menu shows several vegan options so I was excited to try this cafe. However, I was quickly disappointed to see the open kitchen which was small, cluttered, and offered lots of opportunities for cross contamination. The vegan food is cooked on the same grill that prepares cheese, eggs and meat. Not only does this make menu items not vegan but for someone with a milk allergy there ‘s no way the food is safe to eat. With better kitchen organization and a dedicated skillet the advertised vegan dishes could easily be made truly vegan and safe for those with allergies to milk.

If you eat gluten free this is also not the spot for you. On the day I visited the cafe , the staff was not knowledgeable about the menu items and ingredients, and every time I asked about gluten free availability I was told there was none. The cafe boasts its house made Vegan English muffins and I was excited to try one. However, they are not also gluten free and after seeing the kitchen I was skeptical the muffins were safe for someone with a milk allergy.

My husband did enjoy a grilled turkey sandwich which was prepared quickly and Dean said had great taste. We both enjoyed the freshly squeezed lemonade which was refreshing and tasty.

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