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As a health and wellness blogger there are times when it’s important to speak out on important topics, sometimes even important political topics. So on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, lets talk about our Earth, climate change , and what it all has to do with health,wellness and the 2020 presidential election.

This year’s Earth Day theme is Climate Action, which many experts say is the most important concern for our Earth and our health. Climate change is our biggest challenge for the future of humanity and life on our only home.  There are so many things you can do to help save Earth like use less plastic, up-cycle and recycle, eat less meat or go vegan – but perhaps the most important commitment you can make to the Earth is to VOTE – and vote blue in the November election.

Each year since Donald Trump has been President of the U.S. he has consistently and dangerously rolled back years of environmental protections and regulations.  Since Trump has become President our air and water is less clean with pollution up nearly 14% . Trump even withdrew the United States from the the  historic Paris Climate Agreement. 

Trump routinely ignores the science of climate change and has taken action to roll back a multitude of environmental regulations that protect air, water, land and public health from hazards and climate change. According to research from NYU Law School, the consequences of eliminating these regulations “includes more premature deaths from pollutants and higher levels of climate change-inducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Now more than ever it is time to protect Earth and our own health and safety.  So on this Earth Day commit to vote blue in November.

Step 1Get registered to vote.  If you are not registered contact your local Board of Elections and get registered NOW.  If you are registered to vote, make sure your information such as address is correct.

Step 2 – Commit to Vote Blue in NovemberDemocrats are committed to protecting our Earth, environment and health. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden knows climate change is a great danger facing not only our country but the world. 

Biden promises to bring the U.S. back into the Paris Climate Accord and he has a bold plan for protecting Earth starting on Day 1 of his  presidency including:

  • Ensuring that all U.S. government installations, buildings, and facilities are more efficient and climate-ready, harnessing the purchasing power and supply chains to drive innovation.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation – the fastest growing source of U.S. climate pollution – by preserving and implementing the existing Clean Air Act, and developing rigorous new fuel economy standards aimed at ensuring 100% of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be electrified and annual improvements for heavy duty vehicles.
  •  Saving consumers money and reduce emissions through new, aggressive appliance- and building-efficiency standards.
  • Requiring aggressive methane pollution limits for new and existing oil and gas operations.
  • Committing that every federal infrastructure investment should reduce climate pollution, and require any federal permitting decision to consider the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.
  • Requiring public companies to disclose climate risks and the greenhouse gas emissions in their operations and supply chains.
  • Protecting biodiversity, slowing extinction rates and helping leverage natural climate solutions by conserving 30% of America’s lands and waters by 2030.
  • Protecting America’s natural treasures by permanently protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other areas impacted by President Trump’s attack on federal lands and waters, establishing national parks and monuments that reflect America’s natural heritage, banning new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters, modifying royalties to account for climate costs, and establishing targeted programs to enhance reforestation and develop renewables on federal lands and waters with the goal of doubling offshore wind by 2030.

Protecting Earth is not a Blue State or Red State issue. Protecting Earth is an issue that affects ALL of us, no matter where we live in the country or what political party we align ourselves with.  Earth is our one and only home.  Now more than ever on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day it is crucial we commit to protect our only home and commit to putting our efforts and vote behind the only candidate for president that will truly help us to protect our precious EARTH.

Are you registered to vote? Tell us in the Comments section how you will your voice and vote to protect Earth

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