Henry’s Story

Those that know me, even a little bit,know I adore cats. Currently I live with 4 cats, all rescued from shelters :

Fozzy- male, Orange cat that looks like my husband

Lucy – Female , Tabby cat that loves broccoli

Gracie – Female- White and Black cat and youngest of the crew

Henry – Male, Tuxedo Cat that creates art with yarn

Henry is currently competing to become America’s Favorite Pet and to win some great prizes. I’m hoping you will vote for Henry after you learn more about him.

Henry was found because of a dream. One night a couple of years ago after our kitty Sissy died, my husband had a dream. Sissy came to him and kept pushing a tiny black and white cat towards him. Dean took that as a sign that we must find this kitty.

So off we went searching the SPCA to see if we could find this cat. No luck as none of the cats looked like the one from Dean’s dream. Then we learned that there were some cats from the SPCA living and waiting for adoption in a PetSmart store. One of the cats looked somewhat like the one from Dean’s dream so we drove there to check out this kitty. As soon as Dean saw her he knew that she was not the cat from the dream. But there was another very small tuxedo cat being housed there by another rescue group. When Dean saw this cat he knew this was the one!

So we arranged for the adoption but since we had other cats in the house already, I would not take this kitty home until it was examined by our vet. Everyday for four days I went to PetSmart to visit Henry and then finally picked him up and took him to his scheduled vet appointment and furever home. I noticed that Henry did not seem quite right and was sneezing. The vet discovered he had a high fever,a bad upper respiratory infection, and was underweight. This vet visit was supposed to be a free wellness check as part of the adoption and in the end after all of the blood work, fluids, meds we walked out with a $500 bill. For six weeks Henry was isolated in a bedroom while we nursed him back to health; taking him to the vet several more times(in all costing $1500), giving him antibiotics, and spoon feeding him. Our veterinarian says we literally saved Henry’s life.

Henry is the most wonderful cat. Super kind, very friendly, loves humans and cats . And he is talented –Henry is a cat artist! I always have yarn in the house since I knit and soon enough realized Henry loves yarn . Now he has his own basket of yarn to create with. Henry takes skeins of yarn and places them in geometric shapes that are always color-coordinated.

Henry also love to sunbathe and bird watch and he does not know how to meow! He talks all day long making chirping sounds. Henry has his own Instagram page that you can visit and follow and we ask that you vote for Henry as America’s Favorite Pet. You can vote 1 time everyday. The contest ends October 8th and we hope Henry makes it to the final round — with your votes he will so thank you in advance!

Will you vote for Henry? Let us know in the comments section

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