Magical Birthday Celebrations

What’s the best way to celebrate a birthday? In my unbiased, Disney fan opinion, why at Disney of course! My sweet husband sends me to Disney for my February birthday. It’s always cold in Buffalo and he knows how much I adore the sun and heat, nevermind Disney. These blue skies and gorgeous flowers really brighten my spirits.

So why are Disney birthdays so special and why am I going to go again next year? To start with anyone celebrating a birthday gets a birthday button. Wear it and you’re treated like a celebrity.

Cast members greet you with”Happy Birthday Gina” (insert your own name if appropriate), random park goers will approach you with birthday greetings, and chefs will often make you a special birthday meal or dessert. In addition to an awesome, allergy friendly meal, look at what Chef Carroll from Sanaa created for me.

When the characters see you with your button they will point to you and wave and offer birthday greetings.

At some Resorts you will even get a phone call on your birthday from the characters. Often times a card will be presented to you signed by the staff at the resort and the characters as well. And sometimes you get Disney presents and surprises! Check out this Mickey towel design left for me one morning.

Tinker Bell shared a birthday drink with me and at Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian I was given a birthday rose!

A birthday at Disney is truly a personal holiday and Disney loves celebrating holidays, and they do birthdays like no other. That’s why I like spending my birthday best with the Mouse.

How do you like celebrating your birthday? Have you ever enjoyed a birthday at Disney?

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