Go Ahead Have Another Cup, It’s National Coffee Day!

There are few smells better in the morning than coffee perking away. And in my house it really does perk in an old fashioned percolator pot which I think makes the best coffee. No matter how you make or take your brew, here are some reasons to have another cup of Joe – all in honor of National Coffee Day.

More and more studies show the health benefits of coffee including improved cognitive function, prevention of disease and even fat burning qualities. The Mayo Clinic reports coffee’s benefits outweigh its risks, citing caffeine in coffee may help protect brain cells from damage which can cause Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Antioxidants in coffee can prevent liver disease and coffee’s caffeine can speed up metabolism and fat burning. In fact, black coffee is one of the lowest calorie drinks around, provided you don’t add milk, cream and sugar. I take my coffee black but a good dairy substitute is coconut milk creamers by SO Delicious.

Have you ever tried cooking or baking with coffee? Check out my Coffee Rub for meat. Coffee can also add punch and flavor tochilianddesserts. And a coffee rubcan even be good for your skin!

Plenty of coffee shops around the country are offering discounts and even freebies today on National Coffee Day. For me, I’m off to brew another pot of coffee made with beans from my favorite coffee house,The Orange Cat in Lewiston, NY. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying National Coffee Day – Cheers!

How you do like your coffee: black, flavored, mild, medium, bold brewed? Do you use coffee in cooking or baking? Share your ideas in our comments section.

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