Most people think of giving chocolate as a Valentine gift. What happens though, when your Valentine is allergic to milk and most chocolates contain milk? Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t involve chocolate yet still revolve around safe food items for people with food allergies, especially milk.

Start an Herb Garden for Your Valentine – Lots of stores are starting to bring out their Spring and Summer gardening supplies, including seeds. Buy a pretty pot, potting soil and herb seeds.Your Valentine will think of you as the herb garden grows in a windowsill and better yet, have wonderful fresh herbs to cook with.

Home Herb Garden

Spices and Salts – My favorite places to buy spices are The Spice and Tea Exchange and Penzy’s(both available online if a storefront is not in your town). Buy spices and herbs that your Valentine may not be familiar with and help your sweetie jazz up recipes!

Flavored Oils and Vinegar – I love using infused oils and vinegar in recipes and on salads. Buy a few bottles for your Valentine and watch how food and salads liven up!

Teas and Coffees – Did you know tea is actually a healthy drink? Buy a variety of teas including herbal and black and wrap up with a pretty tea cup and/or tea pot.Flavored coffee might be a nice thing to try for a Valentine’s breakfast. Please read labels for teas and coffees as some do contain milk ingredients which would not be good for people with milk allergies.

Cookbooks – Treat your Valentine to a new cookbook filled with recipes that are allergy friendly.Some of my favorites include the Babycakes series by Erin McKenna and Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats by Debbie Adler.

Chocolate Bath and Body Products Here’s an idea for a calorie free chocolate Valentine! RinseSoap does not make edible chocolate but it does make a variety of chocolate bath and body items. Try its Chocolate Soap, Chocolate Skin Stick, or its Box of Chocolate Soap to name a few. Rinse products are made from scratch and most are vegan and gluten free. The chocolate items actually smell like chocolate and contain nothing but goodness. RinseSoap is my personal skin care line and I can attest to how wonderful each of the products are.

Essential Oils and Diffusers – Besides just smelling nice, there are many health benefits to essential oils. My favorites come from RA Goods, a woman owned business. Be sure to check out the jewelry diffusers and until Valentine’s Day take 30% off on products and gift certificates!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas in the Comments Section

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