Get a Little More Green at ShiftCon

If you are concerned about our planet, food supply and are

Eco-friendly and Green living, then you HAVE to join me at ShiftCon!

My excitement for the next ShiftCon conference can barely be contained. Why? Read on to learn about this conference and ways you can save on a conference ticket.

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So what is ShiftCon and how can you join me? Here’s more in a Q and A:

What is ShiftCon?

ShiftCon is the premier Eco-wellness social media conference designed to bring this online blogging niche together into one powerful, collaborative community. ShiftCon brings together bloggers, social media specialists, nonprofits, health and sustainability experts, and leading natural, organic, and Eco-friendly brands to shift the world towards greater sustainability.

When and where will ShiftCon take place?

ShiftCon happens February 1-3 2018 in Irvine, California

What happens at ShiftCon?

Attend professional workshops on social media growth, wellness topics & ways to increase your revenue without compromising your values,networking events,


Hear Keynote messages from professionals who are pioneers in their field,


Attend and mingle in our exhibitor hall with over 50 brands and organizations

Who will be at ShiftCon?

Bloggers, Industry Experts and scientists in Green, Wellness and Eco-Friendly living, Brands with products that are safe for your family and a variety of Shifters in all shades of green!

Why is ShiftCon an important, must do conference?

We all have a big job to do to fix our planet, community and food system. It’s all hands on and at ShiftCon you will learn practical ways to help make our planet and food more sustainable and healthy.

The food, health, and environmental landscape are rapidly changing, and for every positive shift, it’s been the power of consumers and advocates using their voices, their networks, and their wallets to create change.

What is the Mission of ShiftCon?

ShiftCon was created to give wellness and Eco-friendly influencers a place to network, share ideas, learn from experts, empower one another and organize their efforts into social change. As Shifters promote better products, people will purchase better products. The ShiftCon community is the ultimate example of citizens voting with their dollar.

Who founded ShiftCon and what is its mission?

Founded by blogger, mom, and entrepreneur Leah Segedie, the annual gathering offers a collaborative environment of networking and learning.

Working with healthy lifestyle brands, Leah utilizes the blogging network she has cultivated – a network of over 10,000 bloggers – to create wellness related media campaigns. Leah was named “Mom of the Year” in 2010 by Shape Magazine, the 4th Most Influential Mom Blogger by Cision Media, and in 2014 she also was named to the Top 10 Women Changing School Nutrition by Smart Snacks in School.

How can I get more info on ShiftCon and register for the conference?

Check out this informative video about the conference by clicking here


Be sure to use my special promotional code LOVETOSHIFT50 to save $50 on your ticket from NOW until the event.

NOMINATE me as a favorite Influencer in the

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See you in February at ShiftCon where Shift Happens!

Are you interested in attending ShiftCon? What comments or questions do you have? Share in our Comments section.

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