How Will You Spread Food Allergy Awareness?

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and that includes Food Allergies ! At DairyFreeGina we are spreading awareness and celebrating our life sustaining and unique diets all month long with terrific giveaways!

I’ve teamed up with some awesome Brands to offer you a chance to win delicious , dairy free , food allergy safe products that are perfect for those with food allergies and perfect for those without any restrictions. My husband enjoys all of these Brands and he has no food issues! Some of the Brands participating include Zego, Hilary’s , Canyon Gluten Free Bread to name just a few! Giveaways will take place on the Blog and on Instagram so be sure to follow both! We’ll be using the hashtag #DFGFAA18 on Twitter and Instagram.

Did you know about 15 million Americans have a Food Allergy? That includes 1 in 3 kids!

I’m allergic to all milk products and lamb. The milk allergy is particularly severe meaning ingesting even a small or trace amount could produce severe symptoms including anaphylaxis.

If you don’t have a food allergy you probably know someone who does. Living with a food allergy is not easy as it takes constant vigilance. We can’t randomly share a snack with a friend, we can’t randomly share in that office cake, and we can’t randomly go to a restaurant and order anything we want on a menu. For those of us with food allergies, we are not picky or fussy eaters. We eat the way we do to literally survive.

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How will you spread Food Allergy Awareness during May and all year long?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Share your story and how you thrive with your food allergy.

  • Share your favorite food allergy safe recipe with a friend who has no dietary restrictions. Tell them the dish is dairy free after they eat it and realize it’s delicious!

  • Chat with restaurant management about shared fryers and why using these fryers contaminates food and makes it unsafe to eat.

  • Epxlain to friends and family your dietary needs are not a fad or trend. You eat the way you do to stay alive.

  • Start a food allergy support group!

  • Host a Food Allergy Meet Up in your area.

  • Check the expiration date on your Epi-Pen and make sure you have 2 current devices with you at all times.

  • Teach someone how to inject you with Epi. Should the need arise you may not be capable of injecting yourself.

  • Encourage non-food rewards at your child’s school.

  • Explain to friends and family that TV shows and movies making fun of people with food allergies is simply not cool or funny.

Do you have a food allergy? Do you know someone with a food allergy? Share your tips for living with a Food Allergy in our Comments section. And don’t forget to enter the Giveaways all of May!

Hope you win!

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