Stop Touching Your Face !

We are hearing it over and over: Stop touching your face! Doctors and scientists say one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus – COVID-19- is to NOT touch your face. But why?

Your mouth, nose, and eyes are the spots where viruses enter the body MOST easily. All it takes for the virus to spread is to touch your face with an infected finger. According to the CDC, ” This includes respiratory droplets produced when someone sneezes and inhaled into the lungs of others, and by touching a virus-contaminated surface and using that hand to touch your eyes or mouth.”

Studies find we touch our face more than 16 times in an hour!

One study observed 26 medical students at a university in Australia and found they touched their faces 23 times per hour, including their mouth, nose and eyes.

So how do you stop touching your face, especially now as we battle COVID-19? Here are some tips from experts:

Wear Gloves – Having gloves on your hands can distract you from touching your face.

Be Mindful –– Be aware of why you want to touch your face and and why you should not. Zachery Sikora, PsyD, clinical psychologist at Northwestern Medicine Huntley Hospital in Huntley, Illinois says, “Be mindful about your intention to keep your hands away from your face. Just a brief pause can help you be more aware of what you’re doing with your hands. ” Sikora suggests using post-it notes throughout your home with reminders to keep hands away from your face .

Keep Your Hands Busy – Fold Laundry, hold something in your hands like a stress ball , knit — do something to keep your hands moving so you don’t think about touching your face.

Keep Kleenex Nearby — If you must touch your face or scratch an itch, use a kleenex and then immediately throw it away.

What are you doing to keep your hands away from our face? What tips can you share with us in the comments section?

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