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Super Bowl Eats

Best recipes for Superrbowl eating and cheering

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Dairy Free Eating

Eating Your Way Through the Big Game

This vegan version is the perfect breakfast for dinner dish. Carolina Themed Dish– Think Southern Barbecue and try this Carolina Pork Slider. I don’t eat meat but if you do, be sure to serve it with a dairy free roll. Pizza – try a dairy free, gluten free version using GFJules Pizza Mix. Making pizza […]

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DAIRY FREE SUPERBOWL EATING One of the best things about the Superbowl, besides the commercials, is all the eating. Just because you have a food allergy, in my case to lamb and the biggie milk, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic Superbowl spread. I won’t be ordering pizza and wings, but I do have […]

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