One of the best things about the Superbowl, besides the commercials, is all the eating. Just because you have a food allergy, in my case to lamb and the biggie milk, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic Superbowl spread. I won’t be ordering pizza and wings, but I do have ideas for good Superbowl eating, the dairy free way:


  • HUMMUS – Many store bought varieties contain no dairy or you can make your own. All hummus really is are beans, olive oil and tahini (which can be omitted if allergic to sesame seeds). Get creative and boost up the health content by making carrot or beet hummus. Serve alongside carrot and celery sticks, cut up broccoli and cauliflower, kale chips and/or Plentils. Plentils are made by Enjoy Life Foods which boasts a line of food items free from the top 8 allergens.

  • OLIVES -There are so many varieties of olives available from the traditional black olives to the green ones stuffed with pimento to Kalamata, Greek,etc. Buy several different varieties and create a colorful olive tray to serve/eat at your Superbowl party.

  • POPCORN – Create a popcorn buffet! Air pop lots of popcorn, divide into different bowls and toss in a variety of ways including: hot sauce for spicy popcorn, coconut oil and nutritional yeast, or coconut oil and cinnamon for a sweeter version. The possibilities are endless and who doesn’t like popcorn???


  • PIZZA, WINGS – Just because you can’t eat cheese doesn’t mean you have to go without pizza. Make your own dairy free crust. Bob’s Red Mill has an easy to make pizza dough that can be topped with sauce and Daiya cheese. No one will ever know its dairy free. Most wings bought are made using a butter based sauce. Make your own baked wings for a healthier version using Franks Hot Sauce, barbecue sauce, or season however you like. Gardein also makes a non-meat chicken wing which is what I will be eating.

  • CHILI- Make one or several varieties. The possibilities are endless. Check out the Recipes section of http://www.dairyfreegina.com for ideas.

  • THEMED Superbowl Party – Make a rub using Starbucks coffee for the Seattle Seahawks, and rub onto pork or chicken. See the recipes section for my Coffee Rub recipe. Cheering for the Patriots, then make Boston Baked Beans which are so easy to make especially if you use a crock pot.


  • So many options including brownies from Wholesome Chow or try one of its cookie mixes.Even easier, open up a box of cookies from Enjoy Life Foods. I’m fond of the Snickerdoodles.

  • Fruit is a healthy treat and a variety of berries would make for a beautiful fruit bowl

What ideas do you have for a dairy free, allergy friendly Sueprbowl Party? Share your thoughts in our comments section. Happy Eating!

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Foodie who is allergic to milk and lamb and eats vegan and gluten free. I’m a life long fitness enthusiast , runner, dancer and passionate about talking food, nutrition, health and exercise. I am a lover of cats big and small, and call Disney World my 2nd home.