Eggs on Parade

Eggs on Parade

The holidays are particularly tricky for people with food allergies. I generally cook most holiday meals so I get an allergy safe one. If you have dairy allergies, you can’t just pick up any chocolate Easter Bunny for a treat since most common chocolates include milk. Here’s a novel way to celebrate the season without eating anything: attend or view via my included pictures the Easter Eggs on Display at Disney. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter you will love these beautiful Easter Eggs adorning the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World. This year is the 4th annual Easter Egg Display led by Executive Pastry Chef Erich Herbitschek.

Can you believe these eggs are all edible? I think they are way too pretty to eat!

Each egg is ornamented with edible products such as modeling chocolate , fondant, sugar, royal icing, colored cocoa butter and sculpted sugar art pieces. The eggs are themed around Disney movies and characters. Each egg weighs 9-12 pounds and stands 16 to 20 inches tall. One egg is more spectacular than the other.

A cast member told me the eggs will be on display until April 10, 2015. Some of the eggs will be moved to resorts on Disney property for display purposes. Some eggs are also for sale, being bought by many brides having Disney themed weddings at Walt Disney World.

The detail put into these eggs is amazing! Look at the “spaghetti” in this one:

I love the vibrant colors used in this Tinker Bell egg.

This egg is a replica of the fountain at the new DVC property at the Floridian.

These eggs are true works of art and something not to miss seeing if you are at Disney World this Easter season or, if you are creative and artistic , maybe you will be inspired to make your own edible eggs to display on your holiday table!

Do you dye or decorate eggs for Easter? What allergy friendly tips do you have for celebrating Easter and Passover?

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