It’s All Figs to Me!

How do I know it’s summer? Well, the calendar says it is but more so I’ve found fresh figs at the grocery store!! Not only are figs full of health benefits, but they are a great dairy free snack and excellent to cook with.

Figs have been around forever. Just look at the references found in the Bible and other ancient writings. History books show Ancient Greeks and Romans eating figs, sometimes picked right off the ficus trees they are grown on.

Why do I love figs? First of all, they are delicious!!! Sweet and candy like – who needs dessert if you can pop a fig or two! Secondly, these members of the mulberry family are extremely healthy and nutritious. Figs are high in fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and low in calories. How can you get more perfect? They are high in calcium and for someone who is allergic to dairy or avoids eating milk based products, figs are an excellent way to get your calcium and keep bones strong. One word of caution, figs can have a laxative effect so if you eat too many you may find yourself hanging out in the bathroom. Another reason I love figs, they add sweetness which means you can cut down on sugar when baking, and figs can often be used to substitute for dairy and oil in recipes.

Need ideas for using figs in dairy free cooking? Here are some of my favorites:

Boost oatmeal’s nutritional punch by adding figs. Add figs to smoothies. Poach figs in juice or red wine for a delectable dessert.

Roast figs with honey and add to stews and chili. Grill figs after brushing with balsamic vinegar. Top salads with fresh figs.

Make a fig tapenade for your next party. Add figs to homemade, dairy free granola. A DairyFreeGina favorite, try my fig pizza!

Fresh figs from California are in season June through September. They are quite perishable so be sure to refrigerate. Figs come in a variety of colors. Pick ones with deep, rich colors that lack blemishes and most of all, ENJOY!

Do you eat figs? Share your favorite way to eat and cook with figs in our comment section

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