I’m Sure Glad We Got There

Last week my husband and I had tickets for an all vegan dinner in Bridgeport, NY benefitting Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey. Here’s the thing, this dinner sponsored and cooked by the Vegan Zombie and Strong Hearts Café was a 2 hour hour drive each way. This wouldn’t have been a problem except there was an accident on the Thruway and there we sat for an hour while my taste buds watered over the menu and my mind contemplated not making it in time. Would the police really stop us for speeding if they knew we were on a mission to help formerly abused and neglected animals? Luckily traffic started moving, Dean drove at 75 mph without getting stopped, and we made it just as soup was served.

We were lucky! The Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque topped with Cashew Cream was outstanding! I could have eaten the whole pot it was cooked in!

What else do vegans eat inquiring minds want to know? How about Maple BBQ Cauliflower, Fall Kale Salad, Tofu Ricotta Ravioli (oh how I still dream of these) and Pear Cake for dessert served with a vegan milkshake! Getting hungry?

Not only was this an outstanding meal, but ticket sales benefitted Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. Owners Gabrielle and Peter couldn’t have been nicer. Founded in 2014, Tamerlaine is “a paradise for neglected and abused farm animals.” It all started with a couple of roosters and now is home to over 120 chickens, pigs, turkeys and other cuties. I can’t wait to actually visit the Farm and meet the animals, especially Ferdinand and Artie the pigs.

Have you ever visited an animal sanctuary? What is your favorite vegan recipe? Share in our comment section.

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