Tailgating Goes Healthy and Dairy Free

Are you ready for Some Football? Will you be glued to the TV Sunday watching as your favorite team kicks off? Or maybe you’ll attend the big game and tailgate beforehand. Whether you watch the NFL, A college or high school football game, let’s face it, part of the fun is the food! What to do if you have a food allergy and can’t indulge in the usual dairy filled items? Introduce your friends and family to these healthy dairy free alternatives.

In Buffalo we love to watch football with Pizza and Wings (or Buffalo wings as they are called outside of the Queen City). Make a healthy dairy free pizza using Daiya Cheese and figs – yes figs. Your pizza will be the talk of the town!

Buffalo wings don’t have to be covered in butter and blue cheese. There are healthier versions like this Vegan Wing recipe.

We all know the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables, but these don’t have to be boring. Try watching the game with Radish Chips and Hummus Stuffed Mini Peppers. Radish chips are a healthier version of the traditional, fried potatoes chip and the hummus in the peppers provides a kick of protein.

Crock Pots are a great way to cook for a crowd and for making chili which is perfect for game day, especially if there’s a chill in the air. JP’s Pineapple Chili is a dish inspired by one my mother makes except my version is vegan and super delicious.

Even in the dead of winter people in Buffalos till light up the grill on game day. Try some healthy, dairy free burgers for your next football grill fest like Black Bean Burgers or Vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s make a great burger alternative topped on dairy free buns.

And let’s not forget about something sweet as you bask in your team’s victory or sooth a tough loss. Try Dairy Free Chocolate Popcorn Balls or Peanut Butter Oatmeal Energy Bites which can easily be made with almond butter or other nut or seed butter.

Go Bills!

What team do you cheer for? What will you serve as you watch football? Share your recipes in our comment section.

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