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For years I’ve struggled with eczema, a skin condition not uncommon to people with food allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities, and other seasonal and environmental allergies. This itchy, red, even painful skin condition would show up on my face, neck, under arms, scalp-pretty much anywhere. The itch would even keep me awake at night. Then I got lucky several years ago while at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show when I met Heather, the owner of Rinse Bath and Body Co. I was skeptical that this line of handmade, natural, vegan, gluten-free products would help my skin-not much had- but figured what did I really have to lose.

I started off with a skin stick and the end result was my skin felt smooth and soft instead of raw, red and itchy. Since then I’ve tried more and more Rinse products and found my Eczema cleared up and even disappeared!

I’ve had such great results that I exclusively use Rinse products for all of my bath & body needs. And I’m hoping you will give Rinse a try and I have a special, exclusive DairyFreeGina discount for you! Until May 1st, use code DFG416 to save 20% on Rinse Bath and Body Co. products.

In case you don’t know what to order, here are some of my favorites:

SOAP –I use the Dead Sea Mud Soap and Casteel on my face. I love the Bamboo Loofah Soap and Café Mocha Soap as a body exfoliator.

DEODOR STICK – 100% natural deodorant and the only one I use. I used to have horrible eczema on my arms and pits but not anymore. Try any of the scents –they are all great!

SKIN STICKS –These awesome tubes of skin goodness go everywhere with me. I am never without a skin stick in my purse or when I travel. It feels light and creamy and not greasy . I especially love Nectar, Orange Blossom, Lavender and Pumpkin Patch.

ROLLONS – Another fabulous product that I never leave home without. When I have a headache I simply rub Peppermint over my forehead and AllerEase is great during seasonal allergy season.

SCRUBS and PUCKER STICKS – Both will leave your body and lips feeling silky soft.

Rinse Bath and Body Co was born in 2003, a year after Heather decided she needed a hobby. First Heather tried knitting but it wasn’t for her. She took a soap making class and found she was really good at it, and then found people really liked her products and that this could be a good business venture. Thank goodness Heather picked soap over knitting!

Rinse products are a lifesaver for me and I know you will love them too whether you have skin issues or not. Rinse Bath and Body are awesome products to keep skin clean, hydrated and smooth. Don’t hesitate to try anything from the Rinse line. And don’t forget until May 1st my readers get 20% off online orders using code DFG416. This code can not be combined with other promotions or applied to past orders. Don’t forget , use coupon code DFG416 for 20% off until May 1st.

Which Rinse products will you try? Leave your choice in our comments section

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