Get to Know Jude’s Foods Cookies and Win Some Too!

Jude’s Foods makes a delicious, traditional chocolate chip cookie that is dairy free and gluten free. The cookies do contain egg so they are not vegan or suitable for those with egg allergies.

Here’s more in a Q and Q with the owner of Jude’s Food:

What is the mission of Jude’s Food?

Jude’s Foods believes that food should taste as good as you remember it tasting before going gluten free and/or dairy free. In some cases, it can taste even better! That’s our goal. We are committed to producing products that are an incredible experience to eat, and also safe for consumers who are unable to have gluten or dairy in their diets. Our motto is “Trust Your Gut!”

What’s the background story to Jude’s Food?

Jude’s Foods is named after my oldest son Jude, who got his gluten and dairy intolerant genes from me, Josh Fegles, owner and founder of Jude’s Foods. Jude and I both received test results in April of 2010 confirming what we believed: we were both severely gluten intolerant and also dairy intolerant. The day we got the results, our whole family decided to commit to a gluten free and dairy free diet, and we have only seen continued benefits. As long as we are able to avoid gluten, both directly and indirectly through cross-contamination we enjoy a state of health and well-being.

How did the business get started?

I have always loved to bake, so I started trying to bake gluten free and dairy free right away, tweaking some favorite recipes with different ingredients. Part of the journey of going gluten free and dairy free is relearning what to eat, how to cook, and how to live. With this lifestyle there are a lot of sacrifices and compromises, but I was unwilling to start baking with ingredients that I had previously never heard of and that had an odd aftertaste or an unpleasant, often gritty, texture. To my family’s surprise I was able to create a pretty fantastic chocolate chip cookie that everyone wanted to eat, especially Jude.

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