Get to Know the Allergy Superheroes and Win an Awesome Super Prize Pack!

The Allergy Superheroes are a husband and wife team based out of Denver,Colorado. I first met them and their two boys when they were in Buffalo,NY visiting family. Later, I visited with them in their hometown. Here’s more about this unique and empowering business in a Q and A:

Why did you start your business?

Unlike most families, we have two generations with food allergies, so we were fairly comfortable with our kids’ diagnosis in the beginning. It was when we sent our oldest off to school that we realized just how uninformed most people are regarding food allergies. We wanted a way to inform caregivers of our young child’s allergies, but we wanted it to be fun, empowering, and to speak to his interests.

What is the mission of the business?

Empowering and protecting allergic kids, while raising awareness!

What types of products do you sell?

We sell fun slap bracelets, t-shirts, buttons, and stickers that kids can wear to remind caregivers that they have food allergies! We also sell shirts and travel mugs for parents, to remind them that protecting their little ones is nothing short of Super too! One of our most popular products is our Single Dose Liquid Medicine Bottle, which lightens the weight of Mom’s purse because she can carry just one dose of liquid Benadryl instead of lugging around the whole bottle. We also have a series of awareness posters coming out soon!

How do your products help and empower those with food allergies?

Even Superheroes have weaknesses, but Superheroes don’t stop saving the day because of them! Even the most powerful superhero—Superman—is vulnerable to kryptonite, and there’s really no better analogy for food allergies. Our products remind allergic kids that even though they have a weakness, they’re still Super!

Our allergens are villains, which sends the very clear message to other caregivers that allergens are dangerous and need to be handled with caution.

Are your products for kids, adults , both?

Most of our products are for kids, and our shirts are available from sizes 3T to youth medium. We do have a small but growing number of products for adults as well, because adults are Superheroes too!

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