Dairy Free Food Trends

Expo East is a huge trade show held annually. I was thrilled to attend this year and find new dairy free and vegan foods coming soon to a grocery shelf near you.

What trends did I find at Expo East that just happened to also be dairy-free and/or vegan? Here are the top finds:

BEANS – All sorts of food items made from beans – yes beans – and mostly chickpeas. Snacks from Watusee Foods and also a chickpea coating from Watusee is perfect for breading tofu or chicken.

Brownies made from beans by Pure Genius really are genius!

And there’s pasta made from all sorts of beans, think Banza, Explore Cuisine and Tolerant Foods.

WATER – Water fortified with antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics, you name it. Even boxed water which I think is ingenious. Instead of drinking bottled water, tossing those bottles into landfills where the plastic leaches into the soil and water systems, you can soon but water in biodegradable boxes. And this boxed water even tastes better than water in those plastic bottles that sit around in hot warehouses where the bottles break down and the plastic leaks into what you’re drinking.

PROBIOTICS –Added probiotics are everywhere from cereals to pastas to water to snacks -probiotics are the it thing.

NUT BUTTERS – Forget peanut butter, almond butter is the rage from roasted to unroasted to raw to flavored. How about Bourbon Maple? That would definitely make for a kicked up sandwich

PROTEIN -Amped up and added protein in cereals to pasta to snacks to drinks. Some of the protein even comes from crickets! I’ll pass on that but I don’t mind having some extra protein added to food so long as they’re not insects.

What new foods are you seeing on grocery store shelves? Share in our comments section.

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