Gratitude for Fablogcon

I was privileged to have the opportunity to attend again the FABlogcon conference in Denver the first weekend of November. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and during these uncertain times, I am grateful that such a conference exists.

The Food Allergy Bloggers Conference, held annually, brings together food allergy advocates from across the country. While we may have different and even multiple food allergies, we share a common bond which unites us and holds us together as one large family. The conference weekend is filled with educational classes on food allergies and blogging. Not only does this conference offer an array of classes to learn and expand our knowledge base, it allows us to come together as one food allergy family and share stories, tips, and some laughter.

The highlight of this year’s conference was getting to meet my friend Brianna from A Different Survival Guide, I’ve known Brianna for several years online and it was a thrill to finally hang out with her in person!

Another thrill was working with Cheryl and Rebecca at the Freedible table during the expo. Freedible is an online community platform where custom eaters come together to crowd source solutions for the daily challenges of living with and eating a special diet.

Here’s Blogger Amy Billington and I chilling at the Saturday night party – yes it included dancing!

And I finally got to meet and thank Amanda from My Gluten Free Miami who ‘s always been a supporter of mine on twitter and Instagram

See this is what happens at this conference: friends come together and friendships are made.

The conference provides safe food for us all to eat and Chef Keith Norman does a tireless and terrific job the whole weekend preparing special meals for all needs.

Thank you to founder and organizer Jenny Sprague whose dedication to bringing us all together every year is so appreciated. If you’ve never been to a Fablogcon conference I highly suggest coming next year. It’s an event you won’t forget and one you will plan for every year.

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