Get to Know Num Nums Munch Box and Win One Too!

Num Nums Munch Box is a subscription snack box catering to dietary and allergen restricted diets. Each month you can receive a small or big box full of items safe for you to eat!

Here’s more in a Q and A with the Founders:

What is the mission of Num-Nums Munch Box?

Our mission is to help those with food allergies connect with new products that are safe and convenient. We hope that our box will provide variety and simplicity for your family. We will donate a portion of our proceeds towards food allergy research organizations.

How did your business get started?

The business started because it was hard finding snacks for my kids with multiple food allergies. My son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, while my daughter is allergic to dairy, tree nuts and sunflower seeds. Other snack boxes didn’t seem to have allergy friendly options for us, so we started our own! We offer dairy free, nut free, gluten free, vegan, top 8 allergen free and custom boxes.

What is Num-Nums Munch Box?
Num-Nums Munch Box is a subscription snack box service that caters to dietary/allergen restricted diets. Each month we send out a box containing 10-12 snacks (small) or 20-24 snacks (big). We handpick the snack items and include a variety of snack types.

How many items come in a Num-Num Munch box?

7-8 snacks in a mini box, 10-12 snacks in a single box and 20-24 snacks in a double box.

What types of items are included?

We include allergy-friendly snack items. We usually have an assortment of granola bars, chocolate bars, cookies, chips, candy, gum, fruit snacks, dried fruit or veggies and popcorn.

Are the boxes designed for kids, adults, both?

The boxes are for both adults and kids. It’s great because we have snacks that the whole family can enjoy without anyone being excluded because of their food allergy or sensitivity. More in my Review found here.

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