Get to Know Massel and Win Some Too

Massel is a Dairy Free and Vegan broth company based out of Australia (Review Here). Massel is a wonderful product that I definitely want you to know about and use! By far it is the best broth around. If your store doesn’t carry Massel, ask for it! Here’s more about Massel in a company Q & A:

What is the philosophy behind the Massel brand?

Massel is all about innovation for health and flavor, and we have a number of industry firsts to our name.When our founder made his first batch of stock in 1982, he wanted to make a delicious, healthy, affordable stock that could be used by everyone – regardless of dietary restriction, religious belief or lifestyle choice. He only wanted to use the best quality ingredients. Most of all he wanted to make an instant stock that tasted as delicious as his wife’s homemade stock. Frank’s founding principles still influence everything we do today, from our manufacturing process and our extensive health and safety accreditations, to our high quality ingredients. If you want to know why you should buy Massel instead of any other bouillon the answer is simple. Because Massel bouillon tastes better, and it’s better for you.

What is the goal of the company?

Massel’s goal is to make delicious, healthy, affordable stock that can be used by everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, religious belief or lifestyle. We make instant bouillon and seasoning for home cooks and professional chefs.

What makes Massel healthier than other broths?

Massel products are free from common food allergens like dairy, gluten, lactose, artificial additives and preservatives and Massel is vegan.

You have chicken and beef style bouillons? How can these be vegan?

Our rich vegan Beef Style bouillon and vegan Chicken Style bouillon are made using only top quality vegetable ingredients. We spent years perfecting our vegan meat style soup bases and gravies. Special blending and the right balance of seasoning allow us to produce flavors similar to chicken and beef without using any animal products. Tasting them, you would never believe they are not chicken or beef! They provide a delicious alternative to meat stocks and broths for the growing numbers of people wishing to eat less meat and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Do you use any animal products?

No. We do not use animal products and our factory is entirely animal product free.

How do you ensure your products are not contaminated with gluten?

All our factory facilities are entirely gluten free so there is no danger of cross contamination.

Are you GMO free?

Yes we are! All Massel bouillons and gravies are made using GMO free ingredients.

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How will you use Massel in your dairy free cooking? Shaee in our Comments section.

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