Blondie’s Vegan Bakery and Cafe Has it All!

Review – Blondie’s

870 N Congress Ave Suite #110

Boynton Beach FL,33426

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Vegan, Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly all in a cruelty free setting – what more could you want? Blondie’s is a cute cafe in Boynton Beach, Florida located in a large strip mall. If you drive too fast you might miss it which would be a real shame. The lunch menu and bakery items are spectacular and something to be savored and enjoyed – vegan and gluten free comfort food at its best!

When my husband and I visited everything looked delicious and it was hard to pick just one item to try . So we chose a few sandwiches from the daily specials menu plus bakery items, and shared it all.

First up the Beet Ruben! What a clever take on the classic sandwich! This one made with thickly sliced beets and topped with the traditional sauerkraut and dressing. No one would even believe this is vegan.

Next we enjoyed the “Crabless Salad” – a take on traditional crab meat salad but made with hearts of palm and into a sandwich topped with tomato and lettuce. It was absolutely delicious and again, no one would know or believe this is vegan. This would make a fabulous summer party dish and something I will try to recreate. Each of the sandwiches came with a side. We chose the Quinoa Salad and Potato Salad , equally delicious and refreshing.

The rows of beautifully decorated cupcakes will certainly entice you and it was hard to make a selection.

Dean loving carrot cake went for the Carrot Cake cupcake which he said had a wonderful carrot flavor and tasted like something he remembered from childhood.

I chose Coffee Cake which was comforting and full of cinnamon goodness — I’m still dreaming of this.

Blondie’s strong commitment to remaining a dedicated vegan, gluten free and cruelty free facility is admirable and a business I will definitely support the next time I am in this part of Florida — which I hope is soon!

What’s your favorite vegan, gluten free eatery in Florida? Share in our comments section.

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