Top Foods Trends from Expo East and Giveaway!!!

Expo East is a huge food industry trade show held annually in Baltimore, MD. It’s the place to be for those in the natural product industry.

I’m always amazed by the enormity of options at Expo East from food to supplements to products for your body, home and even pets! Keep reading because you have a chance to win an Expo East Prize Pack –but you need to keep reading!

As I walked the show floors I kept my eyes open for trends and here’s what I found and what you should expect to see in the coming year:

1. GO VEGAN I was thrilled to see the variety of Vegan products at this year’s Expo East; from Vegan Cheese to meat substitutes, non-dairy milk, yogurt, ice cream and even chocolate. Being vegan is hot!

Look for new Pub style cheeses and a cream cheese from Miyokos Kitchen and a delicious cashew based spread from Nuttin Ordinary.

No Evil has a line of vegan meats and a new Jerky arriving in 2018. Lots of veggie burgers too at Expo East and a vegan protein snack mix from Vegetarian Traveler is sure to be a hit.

Non- dairy milks are becoming more popular and Brands are satisfying consumers with nut milks and even milks made from oats and veggies. Certainly some are better than others but the variety is so welcome and needed.

2. CHICKPEAS ARE STILL HOT – Beans are a sure bet but the most popular are chickpeas. Watusee Foods showcased a new star to its chickpea snack lineup: Popped Chickpeatos are another way to enjoy this bean and get a healthy snack at the same time.

Rule Breaker Snacks makes the best Brownie and Blondies and get this – they’re made from chickpeas so it’s a healthy treat too! Talk about breaking the rules!

And Banza makes pasta made from chickpeas!

3. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – There are so many health benefits to apple cider vinegar and the natural food marketplace is picking up on that. Watch for apple cider vinegar infused water, drinks and even shots!

4.KOMBUCHA – This fermented tea drink was everywhere I turned at Expo East! Truly refreshing and full of healthy probiotics, it’s a drink to savor!

5. HEMP – Hemp is rich in protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, magnesium, fiber, zinc and phosphorous. Look for hemp seeds that can easily be sprinkled on salads, hemp infused drinks, hemp protein powders, and even hemp clothing .

6. COLD BREW – It’s the “it” drink for coffee lovers with new flavors set to hit stores soon.

7. TEA – Tea drinkers can delight in a range of tea products from tea infused waters, matcha added to all sorts of foods and even instant tea for quick –on-the –go drinks

8. SAY NO TO SUGAR – Sugar is definitely on the out list with Brands finding new ways to satisfy consumer’s sweet tooth. Watch for unsweetened or low sugar products and alternative options used like monk fruit, honey and maple.

9. RE-PURPOSED FRUIT – Did you know the skin, shell and innards not deemed edible are actually full of flavor and vitamins? Juice makers are catching on and re-purposing usual fruit waste into delicious and healthy juice.

10. WATER WATER EVERYWHERE – Water fortified with antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics, you name it. Even boxed water which I think is ingenious. Instead of drinking bottled water, tossing those bottles into landfills where the plastic leaches into the soil and water systems, you can get water in biodegradable boxes. And this boxed water even tastes better than water in those plastic bottles that sit around in hot warehouses where the plastic breaks down and leaks into what you’re drinking.

Which food trends excite you most? Which do you want to try? Tell us in our Comments section . Want to win an Expo East Prize Pack? Just Click Here!

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