Have an Allergy Safe Halloween

Halloween for all Kids to Enjoy!!

For the 1 in 13 kids with a Food Allergy, Halloween doesn’t always conjure up fun times. Many Halloween candies are filled with the top 8 allergens which makes checking those treats before eating all the more important for kids with food allergies.

To keep trick-or-treaters safe, here are some non-food fun and safe items you can pass out this Halloween:




Vampire Teeth

Spider Rings

Bouncy Balls


Glow Sticks

My local Dollar Tree has a large assortment of safe treats available. Just look what I found!

More food-free treat ideas here from Allergic Living

Vegan Essentials is a great resource for everything dairy free, including Halloween treats.

Kids with Food Allergies provides an Allergy Friendly Halloween Candy Guide. Click HERE for it.

Our friends at Enjoy Life Foods recently launched Halloween Chocolate Minis – game changer for kids and adults celebrating Halloween

Near a Giant Grocery Store? Check out its offerings of food allergy safe treats by clicking here

With food allergies and intolerances on the rise, be the house on the block that has a treat everyone can eat!

What allergy friendly treats will you hand out to trick-or-treaters? Share with us in the Comments section.

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