Best Dairy Free Vegan Sides for the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching I’m sharing some of my most requested and viewed recipes for Appetizers and Sides!

Beet Hummus –The bright red color will look terrific on your Christmas table!

Roasted Chickpeas -Healthy appetizer and easy to make!

Spirialized Carrot Salad – This will look beautiful on your buffet table and you don’t need a spirializer to make this!

Wild Rice and Orzo Salad – Always a hit with crowds and can be made days in advance!

Roasted Asparagus – Super easy to make and healthy too!

Butternut Squash and Spinach – Cut the squash a few days ahead and leave in your refrigerator until the day you need to roast it. Or to make it simpler, buy pre-cut chunks of squash!

Roasted Cauliflower – Everyone will love this and there’s nothing easier to make than this dish!

Saute Kale – A great way to get your greens!

Roasted Veggies – Take whatever is in your refrigerator and roast – how easy is that!

Have a wonderful meal and please share your favorite recipes in our Comments Section!

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