Hip Hip Hooray Pizza for those with Food Allergies!

Disclaimer: I was invited by The Blaze Corporate Offices to attend the special grand opening of the Amherst, New York Blaze Pizza. I was given gratis pizza and drink; however, opinions are my own.

One of the food items I really miss since being diagnosed with food allergies is pizza. So I was delighted when Blaze Pizza invited me as a special guest to its Grand Opening of the Amherst, NY restaurant, and more delighted when I was told it could accommodate my allergy needs!

Amherst is the first location in the Buffalo area for Blaze Pizza which is known for being a leader for fast, artisanal pizza. Operating since 2012 and now in 35 states and Canada, Blaze Pizza boasts of its open kitchen where customers can watch as their pizza is made in just 3 minutes!

Upon entering the Amherst location at the Boulevard Consumer Square Plaza, your taste buds are automatically intrigued by the assembly line style of pizza toppings. Blaze is committed to using fresh, natural ingredients with no chemicals and no additives.

I was thrilled that Blaze Pizza has a commitment to making sure all can eat at the restaurant. I was immediately assured and given confidence that my food would be made safe and that all of the ingredients I chose for my pizza would be selected from a back area of the kitchen where there is a safe spot to make the special dietary pizzas. All of the dough is made fresh by hand every day and the dough is all vegan and gluten-free! Both of the red sauces, classic and spicy, are also vegan.

I chose a veggie pizza with classic red sauce, artichokes, banana peppers, fresh basil and fresh cherry tomatoes. Vegan cheese is available but I opted to leave it off my pizza. The pizza was made in the back area using dough and ingredients stored separately from the general public’s array of toppings and dough. My pizza was put on a freshly cleaned pizza board and put into the wood fired oven by itself so as not to come in contact with any other pizza containing dairy. It was then removed and put on a clean, previously unused board and cut with a freshly cleaned pizza cutter. The staff changed into clean gloves when making, cooking and cutting my pizza. The pizza was delicious with a thin, perfectly cooked crisp crust. The sauce was not salty and the ingredients super fresh.

I found it all so delightful and did not leave a crumb to spare!

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and very welcoming of those with food allergies and special dietary needs. Pizza costs under $10 and a variety of creative salads, sized as a meal or side, are also available. The Amherst location seats 79 people and is bright with ample light from the windows that surround all seating areas.

Blaze Pizza was recently named the #1 Brand of the Year in the 2017 Fast Casual Top 100 for fast-growing chains. It operates 239 restaurants in 35 States and Canada. “Our mission at Blaze is simple – we’re taking pizza back to its roots,” said Jim Mizes, president and CEO of Blaze Pizza. “By making dough in-house, using carefully sourced ingredients, and cooking by fire, we’re giving guests a great way to enjoy artisanal pizza without the wait.”

The Blaze mission also extends to its treatment of the environment. The Amherst restaurant is constructed with recycled and sustainable materials, uses eco-friendly packaging and features energy-efficient LED lighting.

Buffalo is a city known for its pizzeria on practically every street corner, although for those with food allergies or other special dietary needs that street corner has not always been friendly for us. I love that there is now a spot I and others can go to enjoy a delicious and safe pizza. Because who really does not love pizza??!!!

Welcome Blaze Pizza to Amherst. You’ll be seeing me soon and often!

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