Top 10 Dairy Free Snacks for Back to School

It’s back to school time and whether you’re going to school as a student in elementary, middle, or high school, as a teacher or as a college student it’s important to have healthy snacks on hand, especially when you have a food allergy. Here are 10 favorite, healthy, dairy-free snacks that you can easily carry with you to school and have as a snack.

88 Acres creates healthy snacks, free of the most common food allergens. The bars from 88 Acres are perfect for all student athletes and anyone wanting a healthy snack. I love the Apple and Ginger and Triple Berry bars, all made with

88 Acres craft seed blend, gluten free certified oats, and other wholesome, non-GMO ingredients.

Among Friends Francie’s Cinnamon Sugar Muffin mix is made from whole grain goodness,low in sugar and salt, is gluten free and can be made dairy free and vegan. Sure you have to bake these muffins but do it on a Sunday night and have something that tastes like it came from your grandmother’s oven all week long. This muffin mix is sold exclusively at Target stores across the country. Check out the Among Friends website for more delicious mixes.

Biena Chickpeas are a true healthy and dairy free snack filled with protein and high in fiber, leaving you feeling full and satisfied. The chickpeas have as much protein as almonds and as much fiber as a cup of oats and can easily be kept in school and athletic bags, purses and lockers.

Munk Pack is a mix of whole grain rolled oats, flax and fruit in a squeeze tube that is the perfect, portable on the go snack. Munk Pack products are gluten free, non-GMO and vegan Adults and kids alike will love Munk Pack because it is ready-to-eat, convenient and nutritious.

Organic Living Superfoods are organic, raw sprouted snacks that are easy to eat and digest. From Fig Energy Squares to Raw Dried Jackfruit, to sprouted nuts and fruit these plant based superfoods pack a powerful punch of health. All of the products are perfect for snacking, keeping in your car, purse and locker, and terrific for athletes that need an extra boost of energy.

Plentils by Enjoy Life are a healthy chip made from lentils, so you get the crunch with the health kick of lentils. Plentils come in 4 flavors and I especially like Plentils Sea Salt variety. As with all of the Enjoy Life product line, Plentils are Top 8 Free so no matter your allergy you are safe snacking on Plentils.

Purely Elizabeth Granola comes in a variety of flavors, my favorites being Blueberry Hemp and Pumpkin Fig. The granola is made with ancient grains, seeds, dried fruit, organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar and are a great snack when hunger hits you. The granola is made in small batches to preserve taste and freshness and the granola chunks are big enough to pick right out of the bag and pop into your mouth.

Rawxies Heart Bar and Crunch are all time favorites. I truly LOVE everything Rawxies. The Heart Bar is like a super healthy cookie that is vegan , raw, gluten free and perfect when you need to satisfy a hungry tummy and a sweet tooth. Rawxies Crunch is a savory snack mix that comes in

Curry Chipotle, Smoked Paprika, and Chili Lime flavors. My favorite is the Chili Chipotle but all three are excellent when you need a quick burst of energy and relief from hunger.

Zego Bars, made with 100% organic ingredients and come in Apple Cinnamon, Fudgy Chocolate and Coconut Ribbon- you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors! Zego Bars are grainless, have 6g complete protein

Veggies and fruit are always the perennial go to snacks. You can’t get any healthier or dairy free than this. Prep your week by cutting up vegetables on Sunday night and placing into snack size bags. I love a combo of carrots, celery sticks, radishes and multi colored pepper slices. Fruit is easy to carry and portable, especially apples.

What’s your favorite snack? Share in our comments section.

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