3 Cheers for Safe Sweets and Your Chance to Win Amazing Chocolate

We are closing out Food Allergy Awareness Month with an awesome giveaway from Safe Sweets – an allergy friendly chocolatier ! And who couldn’t use a little, or a lot of, chocolate right now ?!!!!

Keep reading to learn more about Safe Sweets in this Q and A and how you can enter to win a prize pack.

Tell us more about Safe Sweets

“Safe Sweets is an allergy friendly chocolate business located in Cleveland, Ohio. We are family owned and operated, and make all of our products by hand.

We truly love what we do, from making the chocolates to wrapping them in our eye-catching packaging. But most of all, we love providing people with delicious chocolate treats that they would otherwise not be able to eat. ”

What is the mission of Safe Sweets?

“Our mission is to provide a safe, reasonably guilt-free chocolate experience for allergy diets.

All of the chocolates are dairy free, vegan, egg free, peanut and tree nut free, soy and gluten free . Safe Sweets products are Certified Kosher Pareve.”

How does Safe Sweets source its ingredients?

Our ingredient sourcing rule is actually very simple: never use an ingredient for one of our allergen friendly candies that we would not give to our own child without hesitation. At Safe Sweets, we have meticulously sourced all of our ingredients to be clean as they are tasty. Our products aren’t just allergy friendly, they also have as few preservatives as we could possibly manage.”

How does Safe Sweets prevent cross contact and cross contamination?

“All of our products are hand crafted in our dedicated nut free and dairy free facility. We are not open to the public so there is no chance of accidental cross-contamination from a guest accidentally bringing something dangerous into the facility. Safe Sweets makes all products by hand and carefully packages and decorates each item.”

What types of chocolate do you sell?

“Bars, clusters, bark and lollipops!

Please note one caveat with respect to our allergen friendly claims: our chocolate marshmallow clusters contain Soy Protein. That being said, this product is made (and packaged) in a separate room within our facility, so there is absolutely no cross-contamination with our other products. Moreover, we have one family member who exclusively makes this product, which also helps to prevent any cross-contamination. Also our pretzels are not vegan.”

Do you ship your chocolates? How can I order?

Clickhere to order directly from Safe Sweets . There is a small shipping charge. “Products are shipped with reusable ice packs, insulated aluminum foil box lining, bubble wrap and bio-degradable peanuts. All of our products are shipped using USPS 2 day priority mail.”

How do I win a Safe Sweets Prize Pack?

All you have to do is click here and look for the the giveaway and follow the rules to enter.

It’s that easy! For an extra entry leave a comment in our Comments Section.

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