Easiest Ever Cranberry Sauce

My Fresh Cranberry Sauce is a wonderful and easy way to make cranberry sauce for the holidays. Skip that canned jellied stuff from the store. Who knows what’s in that mystery jelly anyway. This recipe is fresh and oh so delicious, plus naturally dairy and gluten free.

I make this cranberry sauce every year for Thanksgiving – a big batch of it! It is excellent after Thanksgiving as a topping on cereal or oatmeal. It can be made several days ahead and the nuts can be omitted if allergic to nuts .


2 pounds fresh cranberries, washed

2 large oranges- discard seeds

½ cup brown sugar or more to taste

½ cup chopped walnuts or pecans


1. Combine cranberries and oranges, with some rind, in a food processor and process until still chunky.

2. Pour into a bowl and fold in brown sugar. Mix until well combined. taste and add more sugar if needed. Chill before serving.

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