Get to Know Dairy Free Gina!

Ten things to know about me as you explore my website and read my blog ( in no particular order)

1, I love to Cook! Not only do I love to cook but I think about food pretty much all the time. I generally know what I’m cooking and eating that day, and generally several days into the week. I love creating recipes and trying out and modifying recipes. I use fresh ingredients in my recipes and aim for recipes that are easy and quick and include items right from my pantry. Check out my recipes here!

2. I have food allergies – And despite this diagnosis I still love to cook and eat! A food allergy diagnosis or special dietary need means you cook and eat differently, but it does not mean your food is bland and boring. My allergies include milk and lamb and I eat gluten free.

3. I’m Vegan! As a life long animal and health advocate, it was only natural I would go vegan. I can help you cook and live vegan and enjoy a healthy, delicious plat based lifestyle.

4. I love anything fitness related! I have always been interested in physical fitness and love talking exercise and nutrition.

5. I run! I’ve been running for years and love competing in races including locally where I live and races I travel for.

6. I’m a dancer! I’ve been dancing as long as I can remember! In my next life I will be a performer in the New York City Ballet!

7. I love Cats Big and Small! I currently live with 4 pawsome cats that my equally awesome husband and I rescued. We also contribute to, and sponsor several big cats at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

8. I love all things Disney! – I am a huge Disney nerd, member of the Disney Vacation Club, and travel to Walt Disney World about 4 times a year. Disney truly is my 2nd home!

9. My hobbies include Knitting and Gardening. I find time to knit just about everyday and in the summer find me in my organic garden working with flowers and veggies.

10. I am a news and political junkie – My undergrad degree is in Political Science and I love all things politics.

Now it’s your turn! In the Comments section telling me something about you!

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Foodie who is allergic to milk and lamb and eats vegan and gluten free. I’m a life long fitness enthusiast , runner, dancer and passionate about talking food, nutrition, health and exercise. I am a lover of cats big and small, and call Disney World my 2nd home.

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