Yes! You Can Do Halloween Even With a Food Allergy and Asthma!!

By: DairyFreeGina

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Halloween can be downright scary for those with allergies and asthma, but it does not have to be! Here are some ideas for making your Halloween an allergy safe one:

TIP #1  Costumes and masks can trigger allergy and asthma flare-ups since some contain latex, nickel and other allergens. If your costumes are stored in a basement or attic, they might contain mold, dust or dust mites if not properly stored. Wash all costumes before wearing and discard any costumes with visible mold.

TIP #2 Makeup  can cause rashes on sensitive skin. Check for allergens in your makeup or get what I use, Red Apple Lipstick where all makeup is vegan , gluten free, paraben free and free of many other allergens and harsh chemicals. Check out Red Apple by clicking  HERE (affiliate link)

TIP #3 Scented candles , essential oils and room fresheners are huge asthma triggers . Buy battery operated candles for the warm light effect without the allergens.

Tip #4 Fog Machines can produce scary effects and make breathing difficult ,even when you don’t have asthma, so avoid these machines.

TIP #5 TALK TALK TALK – Communication is key . Let everyone that comes into contact with your child know he/she has a food allergy including teachers, friends, babysitters, those hosting Halloween parties. Not only do they need to know what your child is allergic to but they should be taught how to read food labels and know the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis. Be sure at least one adult in attendance knows how to use an Epi device in case your child is unable to.


Anaphylaxis can happen very very quickly so if your child is at a Halloween party make sure adults know the signs which can include a lump in the throat, tightening of the throat, difficulty breathing, wheezing, tingly feeling in hands feet, lips, scalp to name a few. Make sure your child has 2 Epi devices on them at all times specially during Halloween when the temptation to eat candy and treats is so great.


TIP #6 EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE – Continuing education is extremely important. Teach and remind kids that they cannot eat anything from their Halloween bag before labels are read and candy has been checked by an adult.


TIP #7 ALWAYS READ LABELS – Those cute mini chocolate and snack packs may not be safe. Often times these fun sized candies and snacks use different ingredients from the regular sized ones and the minis are often made in different facilities where allergens may be present . Never assume a food item is safe. Always read labels.

TIP #8 TEAL IT UP! – Join the Teal Pumpkin Project by placing a teal colored pumpkin at your front door so trick-or-treaters know you will hand out food allergy safe items. . Teal pumpkins can be easily made by spray painting any pumpkin teal ! It’s that easy !! Many craft stores carry and sell the teal pumpkins already made and some can even be purchased on Amazon.

TIP #9 THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Make Halloween a non-food holiday by offering non-food treats like crayons, stickers, spider rings, glow in the dark sticks and all sorts of other fun items that kids like. Many of these items can be bought at area dollar and craft stores and of course, on Amazon.

TIP #10 Don’t jump in the leaf pile. Asthma triggers are high during this time of year and piles of leaves and hay bales can have mold spores and pollen in them which can flare up asthma and allergies.

With a little bit of extra planning and attention to detail you can have an enjoyable Fall and Halloween.

What are you doing this year to make sure all kids can enjoy a safe Halloween? Tell us in the Comments section!

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Foodie who is allergic to milk and lamb and eats vegan and gluten free. I’m a life long fitness enthusiast , runner, dancer and passionate about talking food, nutrition, health and exercise. I am a lover of cats big and small, and call Disney World my 2nd home.