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The holidays are a great time of year, because, well it’s the holidays! Everything is festive and merry! For the past several years on my Instagram page I’ve been featuring bloggers and sharing their festive recipes . The #CookieCountdown202 featured so many unique, fun and delicious recipes.

All of the recipes are dairy free and gluten free and many are vegan too , or have options for making the recipe vegan. Some are nut free or Top8 Free.

These recipes are perfect for the holidays or anytime you need a treat. So all in one spot I now present you the 2021 Cookie Countdown!

Easiest Cookie Ever from me, DairyFreeGina

Ginger Lace Cookies from Chef Janet

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies from HealthyGFFamily

Nana’s Pizzelle – One of my most popular recipes

Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Aquafaba Royal Icing from The Allergy Superheros

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – Another DairyFreeGina recipe

Holiday Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats from blogger Rosie May Gluten Free Dairy Free

Shake and Surprise Cookies from MyCecelia

Raspberry Crumble Bars – Another delicious treat from HealthyGFFamily

Good Morning Biscotti from Mallory on Instagram at GotToEatToLive

Ugly Sweater Lemon Frosted Cookies from The Allergy Kid

Reindeer Cookies Super adorable from Gluten Free Dave on Instagram

White Chocolate Walnut Pumpkin Cookies from CollegeCeliacKC on Instagram

Marzipan Overnight Oats from Dana as ducklet1 on Instagram

Which recipe will you try first? Tell us in the Comments section.

DairyFreeGina is allergic to milk and lamb, and eats vegan and gluten free. Gina is a life long fitness enthusiast, runner and dancer who is passionate about talking food, nutrition, health and exercise. Gina loves cats big and small, calls Disney World her 2nd home– and often blogs on these topics too

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Foodie who is allergic to milk and lamb and eats vegan and gluten free. I’m a life long fitness enthusiast , runner, dancer and passionate about talking food, nutrition, health and exercise. I am a lover of cats big and small, and call Disney World my 2nd home.

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