Cookie Countdown Rundown!

Our annual Cookie Countdown has us drooling! If you follow DairyFreeGina on Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook you were probably drooling too. Thank you to all the Bloggers who submitted dairy free cookie recipes for readers to enjoy this month and all throughout the New Year. Here’s a rundown, all in one convenient spot, for you!

Day 1: DairyFreeGina’s Chocolate Chip Cookies The classic cookie goes vegan and gluten free!

On Day 2 we enjoyed Peppermint Patties from VeggieBalance. These are so easy to make with only 4 ingredients and are dairy free, vegan and gluten free!

For Day 3 Double Chocolate Chip Cookies come together in under 20 minutes, are soft and ridiculously delicious. Thanks to Blogger Ellen from My Uncommon Everyday for this terrific recipe!

No Bake Bon Bons ,featured on Day 4, are an easy, no bake recipe – perfect for the busy holiday season ! Thanks Nutrimom for contributing to the Cookie Countdown!

Who wants a Coconut Choc Chipper from CJ at Tumbling Gluten Free? These yummies are free of dairy, gluten, eggs and peanuts and our Day 5 Cookie!

Nothing says Christmas like a sugar cookie and the Allergy Superheroes share their Top 8 Cut-Out Sugar Cookies on Day 6!

My Uncommon Everyday is back with another awesome cookie on Day 7: Snickerdoodles with Dark Chocolate Drizzle! These Snickerdoodles are a chocolate-covered twist on classic Snickerdoodles yiedlng super soft, cinnamon-y cookies that are free of grains and dairy – but you’d never know it!

For Day 8 We’re honored that the Bite Sized Celiac actually created a special recipe just for this Cookie Countdown. You must try her Vegan, Gluten Free Double Chocolate Christmas Cookies!

From Healthy GF Family comes Walnut Acorn Cookies. The original recipe came from her Grandmother but these are adapted to be gluten-free and dairy-free. The cookie itself is not too sweet, has a slight nutty flavor and a texture somewhere between chewy and crunchy. Dipped in chocolate, they are melt in your mouth YUM and perfect as our Day 9 cookie!

Amy at Cooking 1 Handed contributed an old family recipe on Day 10: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies. They look and are delicious!

Day 11 and here’s another goodie from Healthy GF Family : Cinnamon Snowballs! These cookies are not too sweet, have a great cinnamon and nutmeg flavor, and are somewhere between chewy and crunchy. And this batch is not only gluten-free but dairy-free and vegan too!

On Day 12 The Frugalista Mom gives us Protein Packed Gluten Free Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies. Just wait until you see the secret ingredient adding all that protein !

Day 13 of our Cookie Countdown: Two BONUS recipes from me to you! My own Sesame Seed Cookies – a favorite among Italians especially at the holidays. I tweaked this recipe to make it dairy free and gluten free. The dough can be made ahead and stored several days in the refrigerator.

And …..My dairy free , gluten free version of Pizzelle . My family loves these cookies and they remind us of my grandmother and grandfather who would make hundreds of these every year for Christmas.

What’s your favorite Holiday Cookie? Share in our Comments Section

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