At the Movies

I love throwing themed parties and the celebration of movies, AKA Oscar night, is a great time for a party. This year’s Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, February 21, 2015. Here are some ideas for throwing a themed Oscars Party:

  • Dress in Character – I’ve taken this idea from my friend Marina who attends an Oscars party where everyone comes dressed as a character from one of the movies up for a nomination. Hand out mini Oscar Statues (found at most party stores) for the best dressed.

  • Lay out a Red Carpet – Find a red runner or some sort of red rug so your guests can do their own walk on the “Red Carpet.” Have someone take glamour shots of your guests as they arrive and walk the red carpet.

  • Play Movie Trivia Games – A fun one to play is Oscar Bingo where guests cross off the boxes as events on their cards unfold during the Awards program. You can easily make Bingo Cards out of heavy stock paper or search online for downloadable ideas. Whoever is first to get five boxes in a row, wins

  • Cast your Own Ballots- Download a sample ballot online and have guests fill out with their predictions before the show starts. As the awards are handed out tally up the right responses and hand out a prize for each category to the person(s) that picked correctly

  • Themed Food – No party is complete without food. Theme your party food around the movies up for awards. Here are my ideas from this year’s list:

Birdman – For those meat eaters at your party, prepare a simple roast chicken. Click here for my Lemon Roasted Chicken recipe

Boyhood– What kid doesn’t like pizza? Make your own dairy free pizza or try one of the delicious varieties form Daiya.

Selma – Serve a Vegan Mac and Cheese(see recipes section of website) along with Sweet Potato Biscuits

Wild – Serve Wild Arugula Salad. Roast Red and Yellow Beets, then slice thin. Top the Wild Arugula with the beets, pecans, and a lemon olive oil dressing.

And no move party is complete without popcorn. Make dairy free Chocolate Popcorn Balls (using chocolate from Enjoy Life Foods) for a fun treat.

What was your favorite movie this year? Will you be attending an Oscars party? Share your ideas for movie fun.

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