Sanaa Never Fails to Satisfy

Sanaa Never Fails to Satisfy

I never go to Walt Disney World without a visit to my favorite restaurant, Sanaa, located at Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge- –Which also happens to be my favorite resort on Disney property. I visited Sanaa last week for my birthday dinner, which made it an extra special meal.

I love being at Disney for many reasons, one very important one being I can eat anywhere without trepidation. Disney chefs take food allergies very seriously and will cook a meal to meet your needs. It is the policy of Disney to have a chef visit you right at your table to discuss your food allergies, food likes, and then work to create a menu especially for you.

The Disney website describes Sanaa as an “East African-inspired eatery, which evokes a traditional spice market. Experience the art of African cooking with Indian flavors, as exotic animals roam the Sunset Savanna before you.” If you are indeed lucky enough to have a table at a window you will see giraffe, zebra, ostrich and a variety of other African animals graze the savannah that surrounds Kidani Village. It is truly as spectacular as the food.

Sanaa is an excellent choice for people with food allergies or special dietary needs. In addition to the main menu, there are a variety of special menus including Vegan, Milk Free, and Gluten Free. I always order off the Vegan menu.

My meal started with the Salad Sampler Trio. I love the Bhel Puri so much I chose two sides of it along with the Chickpeas with Cucumber and Tomato. The Chickpea salad is always very fresh and summer-like and I love the uniqueness of the Bhel Puri which is hard to describe but not to be missed. It is made with puffed rice, some veggies, and a combination of sweet and spicy chutneys. It is a true delight for the taste buds.

Next I ate the Vegan Samosas filled with Potato and Peas. It is served with a side of Tamarind or Mango Chutney. I order both sides. The shell was cooked to perfection; slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

That was paired with a large bowl of Lentil Dhal which had a creamy texture and was very filling. Chef Carroll told me the Dahl originally was made with ghee(clarified butter) but Sana has eliminated the ghee and turned the dish completely dairy free and vegan. The lentil Dahl can also be ordered as a main meal served with rice. Currently Sanaa does not have a dairy free bread but Chef Carroll assured me the restaurant is working on that and hopes to offer one soon.

To my surprise I was presented with a special birthday dessert made by Chef Carroll. Beautiful berries adorned a plate with two scoops of house made mango sorbet in the center topped with a candle. The berries were served chilled and the sorbet was oh so refreshing. It was the perfect way to end such a flavorful meal.

If you like trying new and exciting foods with bursts of flavor and uniqueness , then you’d enjoy a visit to Sanaa. Sanaa is open for lunch and dinner and reservations are required. Be sure to ask for a window table. You may just be lucky enough to dine with the animals of Kidani Village.

I left Sanaa feeling full, satisfied and looking forward to a return visit. It was the perfect birthday meal!

Have you eaten at Sanaa? What is your favorite menu item at Sanaa?

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