A Husband’s Tips for Living with Food Allergies

My Husband’s Tips for Living With Food Allergies- Pt 2 of my Interview with Dean

In a previous Blog post I shared with you an interview I conducted with my husband, Dean, who explained what it’s like living and loving someone with food allergies.

Here are his Top 5 Tips for family and friends who know and love someone with food allergies:

1. Understand that Food Allergies are not a choice. Food allergies are a serious medical condition that must be taken seriously. Someone with a food allergy eats the way they do to survive. They are not fussy eaters.Understand food allergies are not a joke.

2. Learn and never stop learning about food allergies and where allergens are hidden. Some items you think are safe could be lethal to someone you love.

3. Understand that doing something nice for a person with food allergies requires planning, lots of planning. Chances are you can’t do spur of the moment things like running out for a bite to eat. Plan ahead or you will be disappointed .

4. You will probably become healthier knowing someone with food allergies. Food allergies mean you must read every label for every food item. When you start reading labels you realize what’s in food, and sometimes that is scary.

5. Keep an open mind. It can be fun eating with someone who has food allergies. Chances are you will be introduced to delicious foods you might have never tried on your own! Think of all the new foods and recipes you will try!

What are your tips for living with someone who has a food allergy? Share in our comments section.

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