Tips for Allergy Friendly Summer Food Outings

Hosting someone with a food allergy, especially to milk, can be daunting but doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 tips for having a safe summer outing.

1. Meat– Watch out for pre-made and processed burgers and hot dogs that are often full of fillers and seasonings, many of which contain milk. To be safe, have a meat free celebration and serve plant based Gardein Sliders, Veggie Burgers, or Portobello Mushroom Burgers.

2. Grills– Be sure you have thoroughly cleaned your grill. Residue from that burger or buttered steak you last cooked more than likely is on the grill, and even a trace amount of dairy could make someone sick or send them into anaphylaxis. If you are at a park and using a public table, bring wipes to clean tables and a tablecloth to cover tables that may not be clean or free of allergens.

3. Buns- Did you know a lot of buns and bread sold in grocery stores contain milk, butter or other hidden dairy? Be sure you read labels or opt for Hamburger Buns from Canyon Bakehouse which has the best buns in town.

4. Condiments – Yes,even mustard might contain dairy. I was shocked when I realized this. This is another reason to always read labels and know the other names for milk like whey and casein. If you have a food allergy and are going to a party, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology suggests bringing separate condiments that only you use,or condiment single-serve packets to avoid cross contamination. Check the ingredients for salad dressings too. Those are often filled with cheese and other dairy fillers.

5. Do You Have Your EpiPen? – Never leave home without it, actually two EpiPens. Even if you are hosting at your own home it’s important for you and another person to know where EpiPens are kept and how to use them.

With a little planning ahead, label reading, and attention to detail you can have a Happy, Food Allergy Safe Summer .

Share your best tips for safe eating in the summer below in our comments section.

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