Enjoy Life Foods, a fantastic Brand that makes all its products free from the Top 8 food allergens, is making it easier for you to get your favorite snacks and baking mixes. Now you can eat freely with the click of a button – that is an Amazon Dash button!

So just what is an Amazon Dash Button? It’s a device that allows you to order your favorite items at the click of a button. It’s so simple that even those that are technology challenged will have no trouble.

Restocking your pantry with delicious Enjoy Life products has never been so easy and will save you time, gas and an extra trip to the store. And another plus to this ordering system is that your products will arrive in 2 days. Yes 2 days!

How can you get your very own Amazon Dash Button? First become an Amazon Prime member and then order the button. What could be more simple? And just in case you don’t believe how simple this really is, check out this cool video from Enjoy Life Foods and Amazon.

Have you tried the Amazon Dash Button? Share in the comments section what you’ve bought and how the button works.

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