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Summer 2016’s Best Dairy Free Healthy Finds

Last weekend I was on the Media Blogger team for the GF&AF Expo in Worcester, Massachusetts. This expo brought together consumers, brands, authors, and speakers for a fun filled weekend to learn about food allergies, celiac disease, and auto immune diseases.

I dedicated myself to find healthy dairy free products for you. Let’s face it, just because a product is food allergy friendly and/or dairy free, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I consider a dairy free food healthy when it is made from organic and non-GMO ingredients, contain little or no added sugar, is low in sodium and preservative and additive free.

Here are my top healthy, dairy free finds that I hope you look for in your local grocery store. And if you can’t find these products, talk to your store manager and request the store start stocking them.


Organic Living Superfoods

Organic Living Superfoods are organic raw sprouted snacks that are easy to eat and digest. From Fig Energy Squares to Raw Dried Jackfruit, to sprouted nuts and fruit these plant based superfoods pack a powerful punch of health. The company sources only the highest quality products of sustainable, organic and from fair trade certified farms and vendors. All of the products are perfect for snacking, keeping in your car, purse and travel bag, and terrific for athletes or anyone else on the go that needs an extra boost of energy. Organic Living Superfoods are great to have before physical activity because they provide a sustained energy boost which won’t spike blood sugar. And all of these products are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other health-promoting nutrients – and taste great as well!

BEST SNACKS- Biena, Rhythm Superfoods

Biena Chickpeas are a true healthy and dairy free snack filled with protein and high in fiber, leaving you feeling full and satisfied. The chickpeas have as much protein as almonds and as much fiber as a cup of oats. I plan on keeping these n my car, purse and definitely in my travel bag . Try my favorites: Sea Salt and Cinnamon Crunch. These chickpeas will easily become your go to snack.

Rhythm Superfoods

Kale is an all-around health food and Rhythm Superfoods has found a way to make a healthy snack out of it. Kale chips are made by tossing fresh, organic kale with a variety of organic seeds, herbs, spices, and vegetable powder. The chips are gently air crisped under low heat to retain nutrients and health benefits and are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. New to the lineup this year, Roasted Kale and Broccoli Bites; all in a variety of flavors. They are great as stand alone snacks or as toppings on soups and salads. Your veggies have never tasted so good!

Best for Energy and Athletes- 88 Acres

88 Acres creates healthy snacks, free of the most common food allergens, that are crafted with simple ingredients and designed for everyone to enjoy. As a runner with a milk allergy I need fuel for runs and races. The bars from 88 Acres are perfect for all athletes and anyone wanting a healthy snack. I loved the Apple and Ginger and Triple Berry bars, all made with 88 Acres craft seed blend, gluten free certified oats, and other wholesome, non-GMO ingredients. With its twist on granola, 88 Acres also offers Seednola in the same flavors as its bars. The bite size bits are great for topping off smoothie bowls, salads, soups, or munching right out of the bag. Handcrafted with love in Boston in a dedicated facility free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. 88 Acres is a top find!

Best Innovative Dairy Free Find – Perfectly Free

These bite sized frozen treats are free from the Top 8 allergens but not free from taste and flavor and only 25-35 calories each- meaning you can definitely have more than one! The non-dairy treats contain a vanilla and coconut cream base and come in a variety of flavors, my favorite being Blueberry and Vanilla . This is a non-dairy “ice Cream” we can all scream for!

Best Cheese – Daiya

The dairy-free, soy-free and gluten free “cheese” that actually melts and stretches is a mainstay in my house. Get familiar with the many varieties of Daiya cheese and also its new products including creamy cheesecake and Mac and Cheese – of course all dairy free and full of flavor

Best Milk – Elmhurst Harvest

Elmhurst Harvest is a new and innovative line of non-dairy milk alternatives that are also soy free and made from non-GMO ingredients. The lineup includes traditional Almond Milk but also two unique nut milks: Walnut Milk and Pistachio Milk. All varieties come in a sweetened and unsweetened variety – I prefer unsweetened- and some even come in chocolate milk!

Best UnFry- Veggie Fries

A fry that is baked, made from veggies, beans and potatoes certainly makes my list! Veggie Fries are very crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with non-GMO ingredients, gluten free, nut and soy free and vegan! It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor so just try them all –you won’t be disappointed.

Best Dough –BFree Breads, Sweet Note Bagels,

BFree Breads boast a lineup of bread, rolls, bagels and wraps that are all dairy free, gluten free, wheat, egg, nut and soy free; free from all major allergens and suitable for vegans! I especially love the Quinoa and Seed Wrap and the rolls. The bread is incredibly delicious , light and fluffy while packing a nutritional punch.

Sweet Note Bagels – An authentic NY Style bagel that’s free of the top 8 food allergens-These bagels toast up nicely and are incredibly delicious. Try the Everything Bagel, Cinnamon Raisin, or Blueberry – all my faves and know why I am sweet on Sweet Note Bagel.

Best Pantry Mainstay – Aleias

From Alias find a line of dairy free and gluten free bread crumbs, stuffing mixes, croutons, and cookies. I especially like the Coat and Crunch, perfect for meats and my favorite, tofu!

Perennial Favorite- Enjoy Life Foods

All Enjoy Life products, including snack bars, Plentils, cookies, and baking mixes, are free of the top 8 allergens. I especially love Plentils which is a healthy chip made from lentils! Most exciting is its new line of baking mixes which of course are also Top 8 Free. I can smell the brownies baking now!

What are some healthy, dairy free foods you’ve recently discovered? Which of my finds sounds the best to you? Share in our comment section.

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