Best of Dairy Free from Expo East Part 2

Part 2 of my Best of Dairy Free products from Expo East highlights the Best Nut Butters to the Best Veggie Burgers.

Being in Baltimore for Expo East was thrilling! If you’ve never been, the 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East showcased more than 1,450 brands including 450 first-time exhibitors. At this trade show many Brands showcase products set to hit the marketplace in the New Year. Watch for these:


Abby’s Better – Nut Butters that are peanut free and made in a peanut free facility. How does Bourbon Maple Walnut sound? It was my favorite in the lineup!

Barney Butter – Yeah I’m a Barney Girl and I love the entire lineup of their almond butters ! I highly suggest you get on the Barney Butter bandwagon and try them all.

Crazy Richards Added to the linup: delicious peanut butter and Performance Peanut Powder perfect for stirring into smoothies or baking.


Banza – My favorite pasta made from chickpeas now adds Spaghetti to its lineup. This pasta is full of fiber, protein and goodness!

Chao Mac and Cheese-

Made with Chao dairy free cheese, watch for this yummy item in your store’s freezer case. It’s creamy , smooth and delicious!

Explore Cuisine – Protein Packed pasta made from beans. The newsest varieties include pasta made from chickpeas and green lentils. I can’t wait to use the new lasagne noodles!

Tolerant Foods – Pasta made from a variety of beans that’s full of fiber and food allergy safe. Bean pastas are a hot food item!


Gorilly Goods –Organic, raw, vegan snacks perfect for athletes and weekend warriors. I loved all of the mixes but especially the Baja mix of pumpkin seeds, hemp and cilantro and the Coast Mix.

Green Mustache – Cheddar baked snacks that are vegan and gluten free. These crackers will remind you of Godlfish crackers, only better.

Kiwa – Kettle cooked chips made from unique natural ingredients harvested by small farmers in the Andean mountainous regions of Ecuador. Think plantain chips, beetroot chips, parsnip and cassava chips.

Raw Food Central – Raw, organic, vegan snacks that are never baked or fried. From kale chips to flax crackers to my favorite, onion

rings – you can be assured of the best quality ingredients used everytime. And speaking of those onion rings, get these now for your Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole for a healthier twist on the old time favorite.

Vegan Rob’s– Vegtable chips packed with antioxidants, supergrains, and crunch. Think Asaragus Chips and Cauliflower Puffs.

Watusee Foods –Chickpeas are a hot superfood and the toasted snacks in flavors like Rosemary and Spicey Cayenne are great salad and soup toppers and great eat-out-of-the bag snacks.


Enjoy Pure Genius – One of my greatest Expo East finds! The amazing bownies and blondies are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free , soy-free, kosher, and non-GMO. And are they ever DELICIOUS! What more could you ask for? How about a treat you don’t feel guilty eating becasue they are not bad for you! The genius in these treats are beans! Watch for Cinnamon Crumb Bars coming soon.

Jawea – Coconut Cream Froozen Desserts that are vegan, gluten free and soy free in pint sizes that can be delivered right t0 your front door. My favorite the Spiced Coffee – Hello breakfast done a different way!

Laughing Giraffe Organics Macaroons Family run bsiness making the best macaroons around. Watch for special holiday flavors.

Revolution Gelato- Dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and kosher made from cashew butter and coconut cream. The Cardamon Kiss will leave you speechless.


Five Star Foodies – Woman owned business making awesome and nutritious veggie burders that are vegan and contain no fillers. The Artichoke Tandoori Spice Burger is mighty good and 2 new varities will make your taste buds sing. If these are not in your grocery store tell your manager to get them.

Hilary’s I adore the entire Hilary’s lineup and the veggie burgers are a top pick. Hilary’s uses culinary inspired foods using real, minimally processed ingredients that are free from common allergens. I especially love the Curry Burger and the Root veggie Burger.

Which new product are you most excited to try? Share in the Comments section.

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