Let’s Ditch Dairy in 2017!

It’s January and a New Year and I’ve got a challenge for you! DITCH DAIRY. Now for someone like me who is anaphylactic allergic to dairy, that’s a no brainer. But besides living in my skin or simply supporting those of us with dairy allergies, why take this challenge?

Here’s why:

1. Ditch Dairy For Healthy Eating– Living and eating a plant based diet can reduce fat and cholesterol in your diet. Did you know dairy has no fiber or iron? Half of the calories in milk come from fat and nearly all its carbs are sugar based, all in the form of Lactose which nearly 70% of the world’s population is intolerant to. Ditching Dairy has even proven for many to relieve chronic congestion, digestive problems, and ear infections.

2. Ditch Dairy For Clear Skin – Dermatologists often suggest eliminating dairy for acne prevention. On a personal note, I’ve suffered from extremely sensitive skin and eczema my whole life, including on my face and eyelids. My skin has improved tremendously and my eczema nearly eliminated since going dairy free.

3. Ditch Dairy For Cancer Prevention – A Harvard study found a connection between ovarian cancer and consumption of dairy products. Breast and prostate cancers have also been linked to eating dairy products.

4. Ditch Dairy For Stronger Bones– Whoa that must be a misprint right? Actually, studies show the highest rates of osteoporosis in countries that consume the most dairy. The Harvard Nurses’ Health Study followed more than 75,000 women for 12 years and showed no protective effect of increased milk consumption on fracture risk. In fact, increased intake of calcium from dairy products showed a higher fracture risk.

5. Ditch Dairy For A Better Environment- Feeding and raising livestock consumes over one half the water used in the United States. The dairy industry is a big source of greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Factory farming is cruel to the animals and the environment. Dairy cows on factory farms don’t graze outdoors and are kept in cramped spaces While cows can live 20 years, dairy cows are slaughtered by the age of 5 to make room for younger cows with better milk production. Ditching Dairy is also a way to reduce your intake of hormones and antibiotics which have invaded our food system, especially within milk based products.

So are you ready to give up dairy for one month this year? Watch for future articles for tips, tricks, and practical ways to eat Dairy Free Deliciousness.

Share in our comments section ways that you will reduce your dairy intake.

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