Getting It Done in 2017

Do you make resolutions for a New Year? Do you keep them or get frustrated a few days into January?

This year I’m going to set GOALS for myself instead of resolutions – that word alone seems so daunting. So here are my 10 goals for the year, in no particular order. And just maybe they are the same goals you have for 2017!

1. Get Organized – I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s organizational books and started purging last year but there’s so much more to go. Disorganization is a huge time waster and cause of stress. What are your tips for getting and staying organized?

2. Use Reusable Bags – I get a lot of these bags from expos and trade shows and I need to make sure they get used. Plastic bags are a killer to marine life.

3. Drink More Water – I am notoriously bad at this. Hopefully the Fitbit I got for Christmas will help me drink more water. What are your tips and tricks for staying hydrated?

4. Use Reusable Water Bottles – The throw away plastic ones are cluttering landfills and oceans and the plastic they are made from is toxic.

5. Meditate – The health benefits of meditation are numerous. Last year I tried a daily January meditation challenge and got to day 3. I hope to make it to day 4 this year!

6. Try One New Recipe A Week –Either one I’ve created or a dish from someone else- and of course post the best ones to the DairyFreeGina website so don’t forget to regularly check the recipe pages.

7. Stop Wasting Food – Time Magazine reports $162 billion dollars’ worth of food ends up in landfills every year in the U.S. Each U.S. household annually tosses 1.2 million calories worth of food and this is mostly fruit and vegetables! What a waste. I’ll be writing more about this issue as the year goes on so stay tuned and in the meantime share how you make sure your food doesn’t go bad before it’s eaten.

8. Sleep More – If I get 6 hours of sleep a night I’m lucky, but I know this isn’t enough. The health benefits of sleep are too many to count so I need more sleep. How much sleep do you get every night?

9. Yoga – It’s the best for mind and body health and I want to complete at least 3 sessions a week. And all that’s needed is YouTube where there are tons of classes.

10. Run 7 in 2017 – That’s 7 races in 2017 without injury. I’ve had serious running injuries the last 3 years and I’m determined to avoid more this year. From February to May I’m already scheduled for 3 races. What will you do to stay fit in the New Year?

What are your goals for 2017? How do plan to accomplish your New Year goals? Please share your goals and tips in the Comments Section.

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