Join Us -Take the Veg Pledge!

The annual Veg Pledge pledge will be here soon! This year’s pledge to give up meat for just 1 week starts April 16th.

I eat vegan everyday but for those eating meat you are probably thinking, “Give up meat for 1 week, why would I do that?” Well not only will you be benefiting your own health but you’ll benefit the health of our planet and the health of countless numbers of animals worldwide.

My husband Dean grew up eating lots of meat and lots of dairy.

Three years ago he took the Veg Pledge for the first time and has been doing it every year since. During his first Veg Pledge he realized how great food tastes when you don’t load it with meat and cheese and cream and all sorts of other dairy items. He also realized how much better he felt, how much more energy he had, and how he actually lost weight in just one week eating a vegan diet! Since then he’s cut back dramatically the amount of meat he eats – maybe just 1- 2 times a week at most -and we are a completely dairy free house due to my milk allergy. Dean says he does not miss meat or dairy products at all.

Below are Dean’s reflections from his 2017 Veg Pledge. I hope you will join us this year and take the 2018 Veg Pledge , then share your own reflections.

“Today is the end to a week of challenging my normal diet.

So why eat Vegan?

Not only is it healthier to eat a plant based diet but it is more environmentally friendly; not to mention the animals that would normally be slaughtered and consumed.

What did I learn about food?
Vegetables and fruits are the items that bring flavors to our food. They enhance as well as stand alone in some of the greatest meals we have ever eaten. Don’t get me wrong,I do enjoy a nice pork chop or chicken breast at times, but the spices we use to flavor the meats are generally vegetables or spices that add the uniqueness we taste at each meal. Eating plant based meals all week has been a delicious roller coaster of flavors and textures. I really enjoyed the variety!

What were the benefits?
I lost 6 lbs this week!!!

Overall it was a great experience again. I hope some of my friends will take the pledge in 2018″

So will you join us in taking the Veg Pledge? Click here to sign up and be eligible to win prizes and get money saving coupons and deals too! And please share in the Comments Section all the delicious meals you are eating during Veg Week and how you feel eating meat and dairy free.

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